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Mansoor Tea Store

We are a company specialized in Blending and Packing tea since 2007 in the Nizwa Industrial Area in the Sultanate of Oman. We are proud to provide the best types of Natural Black Tea which is widely accepted in the local and international market.

We focus on Blending, Packing and Distributing tea with Omani Brand, as "Mansoor Tea" focuses on Premium Quality Natural Black Tea.

Our Vision

To be one of pioneer companies in the tea blending and packaging for a black natural tea in Sultanate of Oman and Arab world in General

Our Mission

We are providing a great brand for natural black tea and we are seeking to fantastic quality that is matching all customers taste in Oman and Arab worlds in general

Mansoor Tea has got distinguished team members, who are seeking to serving Omani market with the best quality product brand. The company’s initiator and our strength of our team is Mr. Yousuf Yaqoob Al Busaidi, the owner and CEO of Asia Foods LLC. He has got experience in the Food Industry since 2007, and his managerial experience extends for over 20 years. Also, he has held many positions in the retail trade, hospitality, and food industry. An in addition to this Extensive Business Administration Skills and Knowledge, makes a lot in Mansoor Tea as leading Brand. He also having an experience as a Chairman and board member of the Chamber of Commerce (2007-2010).

Mr. Yousuf has a master degree in Business Administration and International Business from the University of Bedfordshire in United Kingdom. 

Tea Brand

The brand (Mansoor Tea) is part of our Asia Foods LLC's initiative which was launched in the market in March 2020.
Kenyan Natural Black Tea Blended with quality, used around the world. This is one of the best original pure and natural black tea picked from tea estates in Kenya which we are happy to share with you.